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This is the main Wiki page of the campaign “Between the Lines”. In the Wiki you can information about areas (e.g. towns, villages, tombs etc) that players have visit. Also, some general facts and background information about the world are listed.

The presented information in this Wiki regarding non-general and background are only those that the players have discovered. So, if you are a reader, you can enjoy the story of this campaign as the players discover it.

If you are player, you can find and search information that either should be in your log or you have forgotten.

History of Oerth
Beyond Oerik


Between the Lines takes place in the World of Greyhawk and starts from the central locations of Flanaess. Flanaess is the central area in Greyhawk setting. It is located in the eastern portions of Oerik, the central and one of the fourth continents of Oerth, the planet central of the solar system at which Oerth is part and center of.

In general, the continents of Oerth, as it is believed, are:

  1. Oerik. Named by the Oeridians, the human people that occupied Oerik in large numbers1. Its most known area is Flanaess.
  2. Hepmonaland. Lies at the southeast of Flanaess and is the smallest continent on Oerth. It is named by the Suloise and Oeridian people in memoir of Erihep-Mona, the first Suloise explorer to discover that land2. It is also known as Xamolatatl, the Olmans’ name for Hepmonaland, or Melavi by the Touvs2.
  3. Telchuria. The continent at the northern pole of Oerth named after the Oeridian God of Winter Telchur3. It is also known as Hyperboria/Hyboria and High Boros3.
  4. The un-named continent. Little is known about this continent which is lies at the southern hemisphere of Oerth1 , 5.

History of Oerth

Known history of Oerth starts about -6416CY (Common Year). The legends about the early times in Oerik say4:

The oldest myth and legend tell of many different things; The Humans tell of the time of change, when the very magic of Oerth forged the different races from a human stock, the Elves speak of “The Awakening,” when they found themselves on Oerth after the battle of Correlon and Gruumsh; the Dwarves speak of Forge Time when Moradin forged the lives of the Dwarven fathers and set them under mountain. Other major forces stirred both evil and good, and warfare was frequent. Each of the major races of Oerth split and formed sub-groups which often warred with each other and took different powers to worship. The Elves were sundered, some taking to the deep forests, some to mountain fastness, some to the seas, and some to the deeps of the Earth, and so too split Dwarves, and Gnomes. Humanity, the most prolific of the races counted among the higher species (unlike those called lower, created by evil powers in mockery of the earlier formed), spread first on the continent later called Oerik. Here, too, were the Demi-human races, and the humanoid hordes most prevalent. The Demi-humans held sway in the east of that land, and the Humans held sway in the west. Few know of the events of those times when the Drow were driven into the depths, the Druargar were exiled from their Dwarven kindred, and the first gnomes moved from woodland and hill to ever deeper caverns. It was during the end of this epoch that the first mighty empire of humanity slowly grew from scattered groups in the south and west of the Oerik. Great heroes lived and died in this age, and the art of magic developed as did the use of weapons. But of this time little is told, and little is known.

Beyond Oerik


Major key stories


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