Tomb of Arattis

In this tomb it is said to be lie buried the person named Arattis. A tomb that seems to be dedicated to both a burial ceremony and burial honors ceremonies.

Up to now, it is know that two groups of people went inside at each occasion:

  • High order humanoids
  • Low order humanoids

Central pathway

In the central pathway it is spotted that gold cover was on the walls but now it is scraped away. There are two paths to follow. One immediate left, as one enters the tomb, and one straight ahead. The latter has not been explored yet.

Left’s passage route

First room

In this room a skeleton had been encountered. He had remaining from armor on his bones and wielded a mace. It was curious at the start and looked carefully at the visitors of the tomb. But, after close examination of the visitors, he started to attack them.

Puzzle with corridors

There are 3 corridors at the eastern side of the previous room. The middle had a pressure plate at its ending with a lever located at the floor and on the pressure plate.

If both the leaver and the pressure plate are interacted, the portcullis of the upper corridor opened. As soon the pressure plate was unpressed the portcullis fell down.

Also, a door was infront of the leaver but locked.

Room after upper portcullis

Inside this 11 × 3 squares room, located north from the middle corridor, and after the visitors have entered some feet inside, some coffins aroused from the floor. They are four and two of them seem good and rich and two not. Also, a door is spotted at the south part of the room. With a further step of the visitors, the coffins opened and two skeletons with staffs and two homunculis brought up.

Also, with this further step ,a door is spotted at the south part of the room. As one approached the door, he sensed another pressure plate infront of the door. By stepping on it the door clanked and could be opened.

Tomb of Arattis

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