Seeing is believing, but not when what you see is just what someone else want you to believe..

Every choice has its effects and an ancient plot is coming to life. What you will decide and what you will learn will determine the fate of all in the known world.

Be keen, smart and always read between the lines.


Between the Lines is a home brew campaign according to the rules set of Dungeons & Dragon 3.5 edition and Greyhawk Setting.

Campaign is played online with the roll20 platform.

Game day and time is set at Thursday at 21:00 GMT+2.

Campaign info known to players can be found at the Wiki main page.

Character options

Races and starting base classes, i.e. level 1 characters, are restricted to the choices from Player’s Handbook 1 of 3.5 edition.

Apart from the above restriction, all other options from the books listed below are acceptable.

  • TSR/WOTC books
  • Sword & Sorcery
  • d20

Note bold that any choice made for class, classes’ alternates, prestige classes, feats and skills must be supported and prepared accordingly by the player’s role playing

Skill points

For the skill points at each level advancement, each player must spend at least one skill point at the skill that he used the most in his previous progress. This means that, for example, if a rogue uses all the time the tumble skill, then he must spend at least one skill point at this skill in each level advancement.

Roll20 platform

This campaign is played through the roll20 platform. All players must be familiar with this platform.

Also, all dice rolls must be made in whisper at the GM. No public rolls for anything. More info on the rolls are in the campaign’s forum at roll20.

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