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Session 1
Session 1

eimaste sto Mestiah
kavlomenos full plate frouros xoris diakritiko den einai megalo rank
deksia velos watering travelers inn

mpainei mesa enas human kontos mas eipe na vgoume ekso (gia to gramma)
me tilepa8eia milaei

mas afinei se mia skini sto dasos kai fevgei
O gor mas perimenei, mas eipe mia typisa

mesa i skini exei petra xalia kai ena xryso agalma
4 typades ka8ontai stavropodi
fotografia sto keimeno
typas me psagmeni leather

faerium o typas pou mas mazokse

Megalos Lawful good cleric
prepei na pame to kranio sto spiritual gia na ton feroun piso
Oi typades pou symvolizei to mati einai organosi de 8eloun ton arattis na siko8ei
milaei gia katastrofi tou kosmou
gynaika ginetai gold dragon

molis vgainoume pernaei ora kai mas xtypaei ilios
ouranos me synnefa me ta aloga mas dipla
ksypnisame mesa sto dasos me ena pack
pasto kreas, 2 waterskins, xartaki me xarti

1o domatio gdarmenoi toixoi, eixe kapote xrysavi
2o domatio grifos
heavy mace kai chain shirt


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