Loner Ranger


Merengell is a short and slim female elf, only 5’ tall, with brown hair, green eyes and pointy ears. She wears a light studded leather armor and carries a longbow and a longsword.




Merengell comes for Hochoch city. The rest is unknown for now.

Between the Lines story:

While drinking some beer at the local tavern in Hochoch city, she almost got robbed by two small humanoids and was saved from a bar fight by a group of weird people that sent her to Mestiah to find some answers.

She arrived at the village of Mestiah and met three travelers(Irida, Bjorn and Grim Cifer) at the Wandering Traveler’s Inn. There a weird guy named Gor showed up and drove them to a tent outside the village. He told them to go find the skull of a deceased traveler named Arattis and bring it at the Spiritual Center’s stable at midnight. To find the skull, the four travelers went to the tumb of Arattis.


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